Assistant Director

Job description

Assistant Director Job Description

Position Summary:

The Assistant Director is a member of the administrative staff and works with the Executive Director to co-manage the instructional, curricular and assessment tasks and projects of the school. The Assistant Director is also responsible for supervising half of the teaching staff and providing feedback regularly. Responsibilities include:


  • Design and implement a yearly work plan to support the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning toward the mission and vision. Uses the EL Core Practices and other important frameworks to guide improvement toward the mission and vision (co-lead with the Executive Director).

  • Organize and monitor data to understand both teacher and student growth in general and toward the work plan.

  • Uses school-wide data (PARCC, CMAS, STAR, Progress Reports, EL’s Implementation Review) to set and monitor long-term goals.

Professional Development:

  • Design and implement professional development that models best practice to support teacher and student growth toward the work plan.  Provide time for learning, practice and reflection to support teacher growth.

  • Co-facilitate the Instructional Leadership Team in collecting and analyzing data to inform PD instruction and support.

  • Organize and facilitate a mentor group to support the ongoing needs of new staff members.


  • Work with teachers to create and refine Odyssey curriculum documents (scope and sequence docs, STAs, scaffolding plans, assessments, etc.) which correspond to state standards, core practices and an interim assessment program as well as monitor implementation of curriculum.

  • Support long term and short term planning through planning support and feedback structures.


  • Develop relational trust with staff to support ongoing improvement in teaching and learning.

  • Observe and evaluate teachers using Odyssey’s teacher observation criteria (in collaboration with Executive Director).

  • In observation/feedback sessions, accurately identify and prioritize teachers’ instructional strengths and next steps.

  • Co-lead instructional walkthroughs with teaching staff.


  • Create, maintain and update whole school and grade level student academic and assessment records and reports.

  • Facilitate monthly data meetings and monthly MTSS meetings with grade level teams and/or specialists (in collaboration with Executive Director).

  • Oversee required standardized testing (act as primary Site Assessment Liaison) and teacher creation/maintenance of READ Act plans.

  • Set-up and provide support for school-wide assessment tools: STAR, Writing Benchmark and an interim assessment program.

  • Set-up and manage the on-line grading & reporting platform.

School-wide Systems & Structures: (in collaboration with Executive Director)

  • Co-manage positive student behavior and student culture through Restorative Approaches and use of Discipline Matrix.

  • Support teachers with student-led conferences, passages and parent meetings.

  • Recruit and hire teaching staff; lead and organize hiring committees.

  • Plan and implement a yearly site seminar.

  • Other daily/weekly duties as assigned.



  • Minimum of five years’ classroom teaching experience in EL schools or similar model/program.

  • At least two years’ experience in curriculum or program development that supports high quality instruction.

  • Proven track record of driving high student achievement and growth through data-driven methods.

  • Strong communication, technology and organization skills.

  • Strong desire to learn and grow as a professional and be a part of a collaborative work environment.


  • Master’s Degree and previous leadership experience.

  • A current, valid State of Colorado Principal License in place or in process by time the position starts.

  • Experience teaching and facilitating adults.