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  • Denver, Colorado, United States

Job description

The Odyssey School of Denver is a diverse, K-8 Expeditionary Learning (EL) charter school. We believe in teaching students how to learn through a focus on academic achievement, critical thinking, and social responsibility, preparing them for high school and beyond. Our EL curriculum is supported by a robust outdoor Adventure program in which all students and staff participate.

The Paraprofessional will report to and work closely with the Special Education Team and classroom teacher to support students in the general education classroom. Responsibilities include supporting teachers by providing assistance with educational, behavioral, social-emotional, physical and daily living needs of elementary and middle school students with and without disabilities. Candidates will be working in the classroom setting, supporting individual and group teaching, supervision of adventure activities and fieldwork, and coverage of lunch and recess. The job demands a professional that is inspired by teaching children and is dedicated to being a part of a learning community.

Essential Job Functions

● Facilitate and support accommodations and modifications specified on Individualized Education Programs (IEP), intervention plans, and teacher lesson plans

● Assist with conducting testing and assessment, multimedia activities, record-keeping, computer operation, and other activities, as pertains to working with special education students

● Prepare and set-up educational materials

● Assist individuals and small student groups to master assignments and reinforce learning concepts presented by teachers

● Communicate and coordinate with students and parents (oral and written) about routine educational issues

● Discuss and coordinate instructional efforts with teachers and other educational staff ● Monitor student activity in classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, playgrounds and other locations, as required or requested

● Monitor student activity on fieldwork and adventure trips (extended overnight experiences lasting anywhere from 1 – 5 days)

● Complete training programs and attend meetings, as required

● Maintain the confidentiality of student information

● Perform other duties as assigned

Essential Skills & Mindsets

● Desire and ability to provide a positive learning environment, and promote student inclusivity

● Ability to coordinate and work effectively with staff and school community, and diverse student population

● Ability to plan and organize work, at times with interruptions

● Ability to monitor and supervise assigned student activity for sustained periods of time to anticipate and maintain safe environment

Strong communication, technology and organization skills

● Experience working with diverse populations

● Commitment to outdoor education and adventure programming for students.

Job requirements

Requirements, Salary, and Benefits

● High school diploma or equivalent

● This is a full-time position through June 5, 2024

● Hours are 8:20 am - 3:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:20-1:30pm on Fridays

● Salary is between $30,000-$35,000 based on experience and prorated from the start date

● Includes health, dental, long term/short term disability and retirement benefits (PERA)