Special Education Teacher

Job description

Is this the right position for you?

Use this list to help you learn about our school and consider this amazing opportunity! If many of your values, experiences, and skills align, we encourage you to apply!

⬜  You are philosophically aligned with Odyssey & EL Education’s Core Practices.

You have experience teaching in either an EL school OR a school with similar tenets. Our mission and EL’s core practices align with your own beliefs about teaching and learning. 

⬜  You have a passion for teaching students with learning differences.

You use current research to determine best practices for students with disabilities. You know how to analyze scheduling and classroom structures that best meet the needs of all students in all content areas. You are experienced in evaluating accommodations and innovative strategies that support students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) so they may access the same curriculum and learning targets as their classmates. You have experience with explicit reading instruction and interventions such as the Orton-Gillingham method. You provide supplemental materials in literacy and math so that students with disabilities can access content (e.g., visual cues, graphic organizers, appropriately leveled text, target trackers, etc.)

⬜  You think elementary students and middle school students are the best!

You have a strong understanding of child development and use a repertoire of practices that support the engagement and growth of elementary and middle school learners.  You believe all students can do rigorous, collaborative, and high quality work. You have a strong understanding of why students act as they sometimes do. You value family involvement and have deep experience in partnering with teachers and parents/guardians.

You are skilled at using data to set individualized goals, monitor progress, inform instruction and make decisions.

You understand that just because you taught it, doesn’t mean that your students learned it. You have experience reviewing and analyzing assessment results and evaluation data to build individualized action plans and make mid-course changes as needed. You value analyzing other data points to inform decision-making and student support processes. You are an invaluable partner in helping classroom teachers differentiate learning experiences in the classroom.

 Your organizational skills rock!

Need to coordinate IEP meetings with other specialists, teachers and families? No problem!  Need to help students create and maintain systems to track their progress? You have this! You have systems and structures to keep your own work and thinking organized, as well as maintaining and communicating a clear path for teachers, students and families to support diverse learning.

⬜  You create a culture that nurtures the philosophy “Crew Not Passengers.”

You are skilled at building a culture of respect, responsibility, caring & fun.  Your students own the phrase “crew not passengers,” and are committed to collaborating toward quality work and citizenship.  

⬜  You are a tenacious learner.

As much as you love teaching students, you also love learning.  You are ready to stretch yourself, try new things, share ideas, and spread your adventurous nature through the Odyssey community, whether in IEP meetings, camping trips, professional development, or in the classroom.  


Overview of Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with general education classroom teachers to ensure curriculum reaches all learners.

  • Write goals and objectives for Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), using Enrich and support teachers with implementation.

  • Administer and interpret individual formal and informal assessments and measure student achievement of and progress toward their objectives and goals.

  • Provide direct support for students with high needs, both in the classroom and in small groups (literacy, math, or social-emotional skills).

  • Create progress reports to parents as stated in IEP, maintain timely communication with all parents/guardians regarding progress and provide a clear picture of curriculum and high expectations.

  • Lead and participate in IEP meetings and provide necessary documentation as required and requested.

  • Coordinate evaluations, assessments and services for students with Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, Health Impairments, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Communicate and enforce high expectations and standards of behavior, aligned with Restorative Practices to create culture of respect and belonging.

  • Organize and maintain all required paperwork for assigned students and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

  • Respond in timely manner to parent and staff requests and provide consultations on students as needed.

  • Develop strong relationships with students, families and staff.  

  • Help students understand, reflect on, and take responsibility for their own learning.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Colorado State Certification, K-6 Special Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree is required, Master’s Degree is preferred

  • Demonstrated success in teaching students with learning differences